Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Helping others who need help

As some of you may already know, the Dominican Republic was greatly affected by Hurricane Noel. Authorities in the Dominican Republic confirmed 79 deaths and said at least 62,000 were left homeless by the storm. Dominican Republic is also suffering from severe flooding.

Imagine having a roof over your head one day and having no clothes, no bed, no toys, nowhere to call home the next day. Imagine not having clean drinking water or not being able to eat when you are hungry. Imagine walking around in dirty flood water with human waste floating around.

Because we are the Power Point Class, I think it is necessary that we do something to help the situation and the people in the Dominican Republic. So, if you all read this, please bring any cash donation that you can and canned food to class tomorrow.

We are also going to form a group to go around to other classes to collect canned goods and money.

Let's help others in need.

With love,
Ms. Simmons