Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Boarding High Schools

My wonderful and amazing students,

Some of you expressed interest in going to boarding school for high school. As you know, I want only the best for you. However, you have to work extremely hard to get good grades to show the boarding schools that you can do the challenging work there and that you can succeed. I have so much faith in all of you, but you have to have faith in yourselves.

Those of you who are interested in boarding school must receive grades above 90 in all your classes this year. You must also arrive to school on time daily as well as limit your absences. I also recommend that you join an extracurricular or after-school activity. Children's Aid Society has some great programs. If not, there are many other opportunities for you all to get involved in a meaningful after-school or weekend activity.

Anyway, for more information on boarding schools, click here for an extensive list of boarding schools in the nation. There are all-girls boarding schools, all-boys boardings schools, and co-ed boarding school all over the United States. By the way, co-ed schools are for both boys and girls.

Enjoy researching about high schools. There are wonderful public high schools in New York City too; so, if boarding school is not for you, you can also attend a great high school in the city.

We are going to change the world, class, and make it a better place!

All my best and all my love,
Ms. Simmons

P.S. The picture of the school above is where I went to boarding school!