Friday, September 7, 2007

Getting paid to take tests

Today, at our assembly, Mr. Kelly told the 7th graders about getting paid to take assessments. For those of you who are still confused, I am providing you with some information here:

"Seventh graders can earn up to $50 per test for a maximum payment of $500 per year. Each is based on a scaled incentive. Schools can currently volunteer to participate and children attending the selected schools will be enrolled in September."

To learn more, you can go to this link.

While you may be getting paid to take city tests, I will NOT be paying you to take any of my tests because I know that you all do not need to get paid to learn. You all know that education is very important to having a bright future and a better life, and from today's lesson in the morning, I know why you all come to school each day.

All of you mentioned the importance of coming to school to learn new things, to get the education you need to have a better future, and to make your parents and teachers happy and proud. I know you do not need money to come to school. You all taught me today that the greatest joy of school is learning for the sake of learning, not for getting paid.

Let's get ready to learn, my wonderful students!!

Oh, and we are so much better than Mr. Carew's class!

Much love,
Ms. Simmons