Sunday, March 23, 2008

ELA and 100BC Homework for the week


Read for 4 steps
Write a book report about the 4 steps you read

Find the definitions of your WWWs and write them ten times.
Write sentences using WWWs
Do a Type 4 (2nd draft) of your Ebonics position paper. Make corrections and re-write. Be sure to SKIP LINES.
Read for 2 steps.


Write a paragraph addressing the following question:
Based on what we have read so far, what are some things that you have in common with Maleeka?
SKIPS lines.

Focus content areas for the essay are:
1) At least 10 sentences with capital letters at the beginning and proper end punctuation
2) Verb tense consistency
3) Subject / Verb Agreement

Write a paragraph using your WWWs

Read 2 steps


Study your WWWs
Read for 2 steps.

Read for 6 steps
Write a reflection essay. I will tell you the topic in class.