Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Power Point Class Elections

Power Point Class Elections

There are going to be three parts of the PPC elections. First, the class has to decide who is eligible to apply to be class co-presidents and to be the class secretary. Second, those students who are eligible to apply for any of the positions will make posters and write speeches expressing why they would make the best president as well as ideas they have about making the class a stronger community, about ways the class learning could be more fun, and about ways that students could have a stronger voice in school policy. Third, after a week of campaigning, there will be a class election where each student will have the opportunity to list his or her preference for candidates.

Eligibility requirements:

Student arrives to class on time at the beginning of the day and after lunch
Student wears uniform daily
Student respects all staff, students, and school property
Students does class work and homework
Student has good attendance
Student has a grade point average of 75 or higher.

Responsibilities and role of co-presidents:

Co-presidents, one boy and one girl, will work together to be the voice of the student body. Several responsibilities co-presidents will have are to:
- organize an effective way to gain feedback from the students for Ms. Simmons so that she could know the best way to engage students in lessons
- assign student jobs bi-weekly
- make sure that all students are doing their student jobs
- make sure the class is orderly and clean
- plan classroom parties and decide what each student will bring to contribute to the party
- come up with suggestions for new seat arrangement when Ms. Simmons wants to change where students sit
- be model students
- meet with Ms. Simmons for lunch one a week to discuss ideas and to request approval from Ms. Simmons

Responsibilities and role of class secretary:

The class secretary’s responsibilities are to:
- attend weekly meetings with Ms. Simmons to write down meeting notes
- help co-presidents assign student jobs and seating positions
- make welcome signs for visitors to the class
- be a model student
- write down materials needed for classroom parties and keep track of who is bringing what
- keep track of the student feedback to share with Ms. Simmons at meetings