Saturday, October 27, 2007

Homework due on Monday, 10/29

Dear PPC,

Those of you who owe me ELA work have to do a 2-page essay for each assignment you missed. That is, if you owe me 10 assignments, then, you must do 10 2-page essays for me. I will be looking at content and grammar. If you put no care of effort into your work, I will be able to see that and will grade accordingly.

You could write about any topic. Some things that you could write about are:

What do you think of 7th grade so far?
What do you like doing on the weekends?
What do you like about our class book, The Outsiders? Why?
Do you feel that you have a voice in society? Why or why not?
What about your neighborhood bothers you? Why?
What makes you proud to be who you are? Why?
What makes you proud to be in the Power Point Class? Why?
What do you want in a teacher? Why?
If you could change anything about your school, what would you change? Why?

If your heart is telling you that you want to write a 20-page story instead of 10 2-page essays, that is fine too. I will not be lenient when grading these, as you should have done your work in the first place.

I am allowing you all to make up work, despite your irresponsibility, because I want you all to go to the high schools of your dreams. Next marking period, I will not allow you to make up any work. You have to learn to be on point and to be responsible. You all are mature and old enough by now.

Ms. Simmons