Monday, October 29, 2007

Homework due tomorrow/WWW quiz correction directions

Do your test corrections in the correct format (you can look through the blog, as I posted the information you need for preparing good test corrections)

Write WWWs 10X and find definitions of the words
Do WWW quiz corrections:

Word Wall Word Test Correction Directions

1) Answer the same 6 reflection questions you have to answer to do math test/quiz corrections
2)Correct your errors in the fill in the blank section by telling me what you did wrong and how you found the correct answers
3) In the context clues section, re-answer the question and explain what clues you used to select your answer
4) In the making inferences question, elaborate your answers
5) In the parts of speech section, name the correct part of speech for each word and explain why you were confused (Please refer to the post I did on parts of speech to review if you need to)